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how much to tip wedding vendors

As wedding professionals we by no means expect a tip, but they are always appreciated-especially if you really loved our work or felt we went above + beyond. 

Also, please review us online + share the love for the world to hear.

While some vendors include a gratuity fee in their contract, many will leave that up to you to determine based on the level of service they provide.

Tipping is not anticipated, however, if you feel that the service you received from one of your vendors exceeded your expectations, a 10 percent tip is a nice gesture. 

Check your contracts to see if gratuity is included. Typically, this shows up from the caterer +/or bartender, but most other vendors don’t include tips in their fees.

So who should you tip-

Hair + Make up

Just like at the salon, suggested tip is around 15%- 20% of the service. You may provide this tip yourself if you’re paying for all of your bridesmaids’ services, or include a tip in the total that they each owe so they can make sure to have enough cash on hand.



Caterer and Waitstaff

Gratuity +/or a service fee is often included. If the gratuity isn’t included, plan on tipping all staff members, including the catering manager, waiters, bartenders, etc. $20-$30 each.

Cake + Floral Designer

A thank you card and a small gift will be perfect, but if you’d like a tip consider tipping $25+. And giving them a stellar review. 


Wedding Planner

A small gift or thank you card is perfect for your planner as well, however, if they really outdid themselves and you’d love to express your gratitude, then consider a tip.  Average amount is 10%-15% of the contract.  If your planner brought an assistant who did great work, consider sharing the tip.


Musicians  + Entertainment

Ceremony musicians:: consider tipping each member 5%-15%

Band:: consider tipping each member 10%-20%

DJ:: consider tipping 5%-15%


Photographer and Videographer

if you love working with them +/or love the images they deliver consider tipping:: from 5%-15%

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